Rock Road Stone Co has over 20 years’ experience in stonemasonry in both private and commercial projects.

We have a vast experience in all aspects of random rubble, dry built stone, ashlar, thin stone and cut stone.

We can meet all your stone masonry needs. From stonework to entrance walls and houses to stonework on bridges and motorways.

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Stone Cladding:

Increasingly popular, we have a skilled team of stone cladding installers.

Including stone cladding to bridges, office blocks and private houses we can provide clients with the full package, sourcing stone from Ireland, Europe and further afield.

Through our suppliers we can provide fixing details and designs for cladding systems to cater for the client’s needs.

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Stone Conservation & Restoration:

We have worked on a range on stone conservation and restoration projects.

We can source stone to match the original stone used in the building for areas where the stone is too deteriorated to salvage. We then carefully restore the stonework using a mix of the original stone and the stone we have sourced to match.

We use lime mortar mixes for building and repointing. If required, we can have the original mortar in the structure analysed in order to ensure the correct type of lime mortar is used. With consideration for the original materials used in the building we can match these with the use of NHL limes and/or hot lime mixes.

We work closely with Conservation Architects to ensure that all requirements are met, that all work is completed to the highest standard, and that these buildings are restored in keeping with the building’s original make-up with the respect that our old buildings deserve.

Our experience includes conservation and restoration to castles, bridges, churches, grave yards, ruins, farm houses, out houses and boundary walls.

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We have experienced pavers who have worked on a number of paving projects, both private and commercial.

Our team are skilled at installing all types of paving including stone and concrete paving. We can provide you with a range of options for your project and use only the highest quality cost effective paving materials.

Projects include residential projects (private and commercial), office blocks, industrial estates, shopping centres, public footpaths, town centres and civic areas.

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Gabion Baskets:

Gabion baskets give another option for boundary walls on a project.

Cost effective and fast to install we have installed gabion baskets on a range of projects, from large commercial to small residential.

Versatile in design, gabion baskets offer other options in terms of shapes, wall sizes and type of stone that can be used.

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